Installing the Shareware version of StripTune

Download and unzip the file WTRAN.ZIP from the link below and extract it to a temporary directory. When you run it, it will create all the files needed for the installation of StripTune. .

When SETUP runs it will prompt you for a directory in which to install StripTune. The default is x:\Program Files\StripTune but you can change it to whatever you like. You should make sure you have at least 4M free space on the disk to which you will be installing, and you will also need around 4M of free space on the disk on which WINDOWS is installed (making about 8 meg altogether)

Running StripTune

As soon as the icon is installed, you are ready to run StripTune - just double-click on its icon. However It would be a good idea, even if you're not one of those who reads instructions, to at least glance at them before you run the program. There is online help available, but there's nothing like being prepared...

Note that StripTune is fairly open ended. It has been designed to cater equally well for motorcycles and cars, and to place as few limits as possible on what is entered. It will let you tell lies, but in these circumstances it is likely to lie back to you.

Download WTRAN.ZIP (2.6Mb)