StripTune is a Windows program for analysing the dynamics of a drag race vehicle.

It does a LOT of calculations to determine exactly how a particular vehicle will perform when pointed up a quarter-mile strip.

Naturally, it makes predictions about what the timing ticket will look like, but it does more. It also attempts to analyse chassis behaviour; from such things as rate of wheel spin to the height of the front wheels above the track or the loading on the wheelie bars.

The results of these calculations are displayed graphically as if they were printouts from an onboard data logger. In addition to the vehicle dynamics. StripTune does all the "usual things" to enable you to determine what gearing to use

Tyre growth is specifically catered for, because real drag race tyres grow. A lot.

If you want a program to quickly tell you what your dragster will do on a track made of glue, with lead weights strapped to the front so that it never wheelies, then StripTune is not for you.

If you're prepared to take measurements and enter lots of data, then StripTune will attempt to tell you exactly what you can expect from making small changes to your combination.

An extra tenth of a second on the throttle stop, or another 5% on clutch spring pressure are what StripTune is all about. You can make hundreds of test runs, making tiny changes each time, without going any where near the race track. In short, StripTune is A VIRTUAL DRAG STRIP FOR REAL DRAGSTERS.

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